You can sell the most popular seven digital products online

As a member of the e-commerce plug-in, various kinds of products to be sold online are constantly being seen. In most cases, the online store sells digital products or physical products.
Sales of physical products are very variable and time-consuming, regardless of whether they are done manually by the designer or manufactured and sold by others. It adds complicated aspects such as shipping, international customers, taxes, laws, imports, inventory control.
Compared with this, digital products are easy to distribute, much more durable, can be reproduced indefinitely, often easy to create. With one or more devices, each person can make digital products worth sharing or selling. Physical equipment, factories, employees are not necessary. Just pinch of computer, passion and dynamism and a little time.

First graphic and digital art
Graphic designers and digital artists can create a variety of unique and valuable products. From logo to PSD template, icon pack, PowerPoint design, original artwork, designers can sell digital products using technology in various ways.

Graphic designers can create and sell card designs, templates, styles, backgrounds, UI elements, etc. Digital artists can sell finished goods, drawings and sketches. Completed works of exceptional quality art may be more expensive than graphic works. If you can produce works digitally, it is worth selling online (make sure you are licensed correctly).

2. Documents
Documents are most frequently used in the form of information items (such as sector reports, manuals or guides) or templates (such as CVs and proposals). Some documents are password protected, the document contains large files, and the document contains variants of the same file (such as other languages ​​and colors), so it is periodically revised Document freely shared with model magnet. ,

Have you written blog posts specific to your industry or occupation on your website? If so, think about the value of packaging your content and selling it as manuscript or white paper so that others can learn from you. You are already sharing your knowledge on your website – keeping useful documents for sale will benefit you and your website visitors.

Third course
E-learning is an innovative and affluent industry, experiencing unprecedented growth. As growth progresses, traditional educational institutions are starting to look for new ways to make learners access content. Regarding the established educational program, learning materials can be sold in several ways:

As one downloadable course
As a collection of downloadable courses
As a subscription / subscription to web services.
In many cases, the course is being sold with the same tool in the same way as other digital products, so we have become accustomed to online course vendors.

According to the latest user survey, the number of Easy Digital download users who sell courses has quadrupled in one year. This has been the most dramatically increased for certain types of products since the survey began monitoring this data.

Some courses are completely self-contained, and the other courses offer interactions with teachers and task checkers. Many courses offer students a form of proof of success or reward.

With the spread of consumer trends and affordable easy-to-use learning management systems, the course is getting more and more popular. We will provide an area of ​​activity that is advantageous for those with knowledge and expertise so that we can reach a wide audience without restriction by geography, technology and time.

4. Professional Services
Of course, the service is not a product. However, they are often sold just like digital products. They are often sold in two ways:

As a fixed price service. The cost of the service is predefined and informed to the customer before contacting the service provider.
Case by case. The necessary work is defined by the service provider presented to the client and the cost is agreed by both parties.
In the world of e-commerce, the lines between products and services are a little blurred, and in many cases customers are less concerned about the difference. Customers can purchase ready-made logos as fixed price products. Some websites can pay predefined prices and you can design logos with similar experience and results.

Many service-based jobs sell time in exchange for specific results and results rather than products. Or you can sell time for fully customized products specific to that customer only.

Today, all kinds of service providers have chosen to sell services online. A list of professionals who can sell services online.

graphic designer
Web designer
And it just rubs against the surface! This is another segment of the digital product we have grown, with more than three times more vendors than last year in Easy Digital downloads.

For excellent detailed reading on online sales of services, please see another article we wrote about subjects.

5. Tickets
They are only valid for a certain period (usually) because they are often limited in terms of availability (usually (limited) in terms of physical location, because they are obviously different from other digital products, but the tickets are Very frequently sold on the internet.The customer can select tickets, order and receive tickets instantly through the seller’s website.These tickets can be used for meetings, concerts, carnival etc. Time-based events and selling tickets for pure online experiences such as webinars, courses, online meetings, live feeds, etc. You can use it for amusement parks, zoos, museums, etc. that can not force a certain time can also do.

The sixth sentence
Fonts are always an excellent example of popular digital products and are constantly changing as customer preferences change over time. Fonts can be created and distributed for use on the Internet for use by web site authors and desktop applications such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop. Fans like new fonts. This means that expanding the commercial catalog to secure sales is required over time.

7. Web application
Web applications are similar to software, but they are not downloaded from the Internet. Instead, this category includes everything the customer pays for use with a web browser. Although the company is also known as SaaS (Software as a Service), it is not a digital product in the true sense, but it can be sold and can be recognized as very important in a very similar way.

Many software companies have decided to create Web-based SaaS applications or distributed installable programs. Examples of these applications include e-mail marketing services (Drip, MailChimp, AWeber and Constant Contact), contact management (Salesforce, Nutshell and Pipedrive), site monitoring (Pingdom and Status Cake) Team Treehouse, Lynda, Skillshare, Coursera, etc. Online learning subscriptions and support file storage such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, MediaFire and so on. When customers pay access to tools / services, a regular payment model is standard.

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