The five most popular digital products that can be sold online

As a member of the e-commerce plug-in, various kinds of products to be sold online are constantly being seen. In most cases, the online store sells digital products or physical products.
Sales of physical products are very variable and time-consuming, regardless of whether they are done manually by the designer or manufactured and sold by others. It adds complicated aspects such as shipping, international customers, taxes, laws, imports, inventory control.

However, digital products belong to each league.

Compared with this, digital products are easy to distribute, much more durable, can be reproduced indefinitely, often easy to create. With one or more devices, each person can make digital products worth sharing or selling. Physical equipment, factories, employees are not necessary. Just pinch of computer, passion and dynamism and a little time.

You can ask “What kind of digital products can you create?” Well, we answer your question “What sort of product do you want to make?”

If there is something to share, it can be a digital product for sale. You can share your knowledge, talent, opinion, passion and ultimately earn money.

In this article, I compiled a list of digital products that I can sell online. Be prepared for the inspiration of digital products so you can start the world too!

1. E-book
EBook was one of the most popular digital products for creators and customers. They can be created relatively easily, as they require less than the written text and some related images. You can easily distribute e-books to large marketplaces or online stores created by you. You can also read it on e reader, tablet, computer, even cell phone.

The beauty of e-book creation is that you can share most things you have the passion for about knowing or writing. Educate, advise, or organize existing content with ebooks before selling them on the website.

Are you interested in selling eBooks? We are writing the entire article on this subject here.

2. Software
Selling software on-line is something we need to know a lot. In addition to helping thousands of customers sell their software online, they originally aimed to create Easy Digital Downloads. Sell ​​WordPress plugins online. Software sales of all kinds of sites using our platform account for almost 28%, which is really interesting.

The software industry is huge and it continues to grow. He is also very mature. The ability to write code can lead to new useful products. Desktop software, web application, website template, mobile application, video game, any other code. The possibilities are infinite, and established markets are probably present.

If you speak (or write) a code language, you can develop a lot of things to sell online. If you have experienced something such as applications, plugins, themes, excerpts, websites, etc., you can convert money into code.

Do you want to know more about selling software online? Detailed article is here.

Third video
Video is a very general and effective format for broadcasting information online. Video content can be educational, informative or funny. It is far more attractive than text and you can enjoy it by simply clicking the play button. Users often love videos and pay them.

If you are a great public speaker, if you have visual passion, or if you just want to share your thoughts with video, you can sell the video online.

4. Audio and music
Audio is a powerful way to convey news and there are many kinds of digital audio products. People cite several examples just by paying an audio track to entertain it, inform it, inspire it, and help achieve the business goals. Audio products include:

Recorded conference
Musical samples
Audio book
Foreign language education
Relaxed background noise
Karaoke versions of popular songs
Reusable sound effects
Complete lyrics and musical instruments
5. Photo
High quality premium photography is one of the most sought-after digital products now. The largest consumer of online photos is the owner of bloggers and websites.

It is true that stock photography has sold the market to where some photos are sold less than valuable (or they are provided free of charge). Photographers can get fair prices for truly grand pictures (not just those of the kitsch seen on the website).

One of the biggest disadvantages of the location of the warehouse from the customer’s point of view is that you do not know exactly the number of one or two images. In some cases, membership of the photo website is necessary. If you are a photographer, you can sell photos on your website and work on the photo site with the required price (surely win).

The website is an important part of a photographer’s portfolio. Express your work beautifully and improve your profile. It is possible to sell independent or entrusted photos on their website using competitive prices and images of superior quality.

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